Dr. Martin Segal


Name: Dr. Martin Segal

Profession: Professor of Business Law at the University of Miami
Location: Panther Coffee in Wynwood, Miami
Reason for Meeting: I sat down at the table next to Dr. Segal and his better half, Linda, where I gave them a free latte as the bar duped my original order.

Story: To say there was just one thing to learn from my encounter with Dr. Segal would be a complete fabrication.

We shared our stories, I elaborated on what my next adventure entailed, and he was fascinated so I guess I am actually doing something a bit interesting for once! He essentially looked at my accident as an ‘early’-life crisis wherein I was able to take a step back and really see everything for what it was.

His overall degree of intellect is a rare asset in Miami, FL, and he will be a great contact to keep in touch with going forward onto our adventure.

Parting Words of Wisdom: The universal energy has a special plan for you that is unfolding before your eyes – notice and enjoy it every day.