The Game Manual

Welcome to the rulebook! Here, everything about the ‘gamification’ part of the blog will be explained: points, redemptions, the store, the referral system, and the poll. First and foremost, in order to access all the gamified goodness, one must be logged into the site. If you’re not logged in, click here.

Points can be used for many things on the blog such as buying things at the store, entering sweepstakes, obtaining random gifts, and more. Users can earn points by interacting with the site and sharing our content. Here are the ways you can get points:

  • Registration – 50 pts
  • Login (1x per day) – 1 pt
  • Comments- 5 pts
  • Subscription (1x only) – 25 pts
  • Referral – 50 pts
  • FB Like – 2 pts
  • Share – 10 pts
  • Random Event – ?? pts
  • Poll vote – 5 pts

Note: You can only obtain points through the blog. Interacting with our other social media accounts (such as liking a picture on our facebook) will not award you points.

Every user has a unique link to our site that can earn them points. Refer your friends to our site via that link and, if they sign up, you will earn a lot of points! Your link can be found in your profile (clicking on the top right of the site, if you’re logged in) or in the Refer-a-Friend page here.


The Store
The store is where users can use their hard earned points. The store will be updated with new things throughout the trip, so make sure to keep your eyes open! As we travel to new countries, new items and gifts will become available for users to purchase, themed to wherever we are in the world at that time. These items can range from postcards, photos, bamboo hats, whatever! It’s just another way of having you guys be a part of the adventure. To get to the store click here!


The Poll
The poll allows users to take control of the trip. Users will be able to vote on different things such as where we go, how we get there, what we do there, what we eat there, and whatever else! We stay true to the game so whichever option on the poll wins, we will do!