It’s Daniel!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my bio page.

Who am I?  I’m Daniel Rangel; little brother of Mike, son of Luis and Marilyn.  I hail from the distant land of Boca Raton, Florida, and, when I was eight years old, made the pilgrimage to Miami where I remained.  To describe myself: I’m a weird guy, and I’m not just saying that!  The majority of people I’ve met in my life would most likely describe me as “weird.”  As the blog goes on I’m sure many of you will begin to understand too.  I’m just not a fan of being normal; being normal is boring, that’s what everyone else is doing.  I like to have fun, be fun, entertain, and tell stories, so this blog will be the perfect outlet for me to tell who knows what will go on during this adventure!

I followed in my brother’s footsteps and studied at University of Miami, though not in finance.  I was also a member of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon throughout my years there.  I started off as a music major, playing French Horn in the symphonic band as I had been doing for the previous 9 years of my life.  The band and music life was fun and all for those 9 years, but I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to “do,” as far as the rest of my life goes.  I grew up with a love for video games and computers, so I switched to studying Computer Science after my first semester with dreams of becoming a game designer.  I graduated just in this past December (2013), and can’t say enough how excited I am to finally be out of school and pursuing many things!

Last summer I put my “computer science” skills to the test in an internship where I helped develop an app called Postkard (, founded by a man named Tyler.  I programmed a lot of the functionality for the app and learned much more in this internship than I ever learned in school.  Although it strays a little bit away from my original dream of becoming a game designer, app development is something I can definitely see myself doing, as it involves a lot of creativity.  During the trip we will be meeting up with Tyler and hopefully look towards building new and exciting things.

So now I embark on this grand adventure.  Who knows what crazy situations my brother and I will get ourselves into….


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About Daniel

Hello! I'm Daniel. Brother of Mike. If you're reading this, then you must have just read one of my posts. I hope you liked it! Join us on the adventure and watch me eat weird foods, wear native garbs, and make friends with locals and homeless people. Onwards and Upwards!