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Introducing: OU-P2

We’ve had OU-P2 (aka Onwards and Upwards-Phantom 2) for a while now, and he has been an incredible addition to the team! He enables us to do some pretty awesome stuff that we would never be able to do otherwise.

Here are some of the practice runs that we have done so far, but nothing will compare to the stuff we will get in our soon to be ‘home’ of SE Asia!

Pilot: Mexico City

The trip that will start them all! We chose to do a ‘test’ trip prior to going out to the far east to see if we all worked well together while abroad. And, this is what we have to show for it!

We were so surprised by our destination, Mexico City. There was so much to do there from experiencing the culture to the food and nightlife. We were extremely happy with our stay, and cannot wait to unveil the the next episode!




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Mexico City: Photo Highlights

For more photos of our Mexico City excursion visit our Facebook Page — and if you ‘like’ what you see throw us a like as well! 😉

R2-D2 has got nothing on our OU-P2

I’d like everyone to meet the Onwards and Upwards-Phantom 2, or OU-P2!

‘He’ is a versatile quadrocopter drone equipped with some pretty awesome technology. Think of him as a flying DSLR cameraman with sniper scope precision and the visual recognition of something you see in The Matrix.

We’re excited to welcome ‘him’ to the OUCrew, and look forward to providing you all with some cool stuff through the lens of a drone!


Take Control

You may have noticed a poll system going on throughout the site; with that you can vote on things such as where you want us to go, how you want us to get there, who you want us to see, or what you want us to do. Anything travel related will be votable, so let us know what you want us to do; let your voice be heard!

We want to get as many eyes on this site as possible. Not because we care about traffic, but because: More Subscribers = More Gamification Options, More Options = Crazy Story, Crazy Story = What This Site Is All About!

More to come on the gamification front! Shoot us a quick email if you have any cool ideas on how to gamify our travels more!


These are some of our respective stops that we want to hit along the way.

We want to check out some of these hotspots as well as their surrounding areas, but we are always open to discussion. If there is somewhere else that you think we should check out — PLEASE let us know. We want to hear about it!