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World Conquest

The figurative trigger has finally been pulled!

That in itself gives me a great sense of accomplishment, but by pulling that trigger I have opened up a whole other world of work for me. It’s not really ‘work’ at all, however the preparation for this trip is going to be no small feat.

There is so much ahead of me that I have to accomplish before I step foot on a plane to leave my hometown of Miami, FL. Some of those items include learning where to go and how to get there, getting back into shape just in case I get into a fight with a ninja, brushing back up on my photography skills so I can take some saweet pictures, and investing time into travel hacking my trip a bit.

First Post of All Time

Here it is. The beginning of a great story. Who knows what we will find in the coming months, the experiences we will have, and the people that we will meet. I am so excited to set out on this trip, but incredibly scared at the same time.

Make It Count

This video was one of the many awesome things that have inspired me to go on such a crazy adventure! It definitely put the travel bug in me, and even if its just for a day, I hope it inspires some of you to go out and see the world.