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Video: All in a Day’s Work – Ibiza Style

Check out the video to our adventure below:

Let’s be honest about Ibiza … Everyone knows that not much goes on there without tourists …The local businesses, population, and general siesta-minded work ethic almost paint a very sleepy picture for Ibiza in general.

But, the key-word here is “almost”. To put it bluntly, this place is completely and utterly insane. The capital injection that comes from tourists every single weekend is something that is not seen in many other places in the world, and is also something that has made Ibiza a much sought after location for anyone in the “party” industry, or really just anyone who likes to party in general! The entire economy of this island is dependent upon partying. It is like something out of a movie — except it takes place 24 hours of each and everyday. Just to give you a tiny taste of what is to come… This is a real place in the airport:

F Me I'm Famous! Club

F Me I’m Famous! Club


By day Ibiza, is a beautiful little island set in the Mediterranean, people are able to take in the sites… Wait a second… Never mind… That never happens in Ibiza. The more often chosen options for daytime activities would be either going to a pool party to ‘detox’ while watching models strut around a pool-side catwalk or hitching a ride on someone’s yacht to bake in the sun while being served freshly made mojitos via a scuba diving bartender around Ibiza’s neighboring island of Formentera. (Yes, this really happens)

And, by night Ibiza turns into a Disney world where 20-somethings can enjoy fist pumping in a mosh pit full of people in some of the world’s largest clubs or it can also play as a fantasy to the classier trendy type by sitting for dinner at 2am at some of the hottest restaurants in the world (Cipriani or Roberto Cavalli’s Restaurant)

We got about an hour’s worth of sleep prior to our adventure, and upon arrival in Ibiza I found out that my identity had been compromised due to working with a fraudulent vendor through airbnb.com … and… oh, yea… Our luggage was lost. But, we continued on to have an unforgettable weekend!