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Travel Hacking 101

trav•el hack 

verb \ˈtra-vəl\ hak\ : A way of traveling by attaining flights, hotels, and other amenities at little or no cost by using rewards, shortcuts, tricks, travel points, or any gimmick to avoid cost.

Hackathons, hacking seminars, hacking classes in schools, hacker organizations (aka Anonymous) — It seems that hacking has become the ‘cool’ thing to do. Whether for good or for bad, hacking in general is all over the news all of the time. So, if that’s the case why has travel hacking never gotten much attention?

I am a huge noob when it comes to this subject, but as I am somewhat of a techie-wannabe, the term ‘travel hacking’ grabbed my attention. I dove into the research, and found it all to be a very cool concept… Through an almost scientific use of pre-existing rewards programs one could attain more benefits than know what to do with.

So, yes, I have enrolled myself in Travel Hacking 101, and my first semester is fast approaching. I’ve taken a few steps of my own by getting a couple of new travel credit cards, signing up for countless rewards networks, and subscribing to some pretty great travel hacking resources.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on what works and what doesn’t as I go along!!

If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em… Literally.

We all say it: Ahhh… my New Year’s resolution is to get a six-pack, get in shape, or even just to lose a few pounds. Well, my New Year’s resolution was similar, but I will tell you verbatim what I said when I was asked by my trainers what my goals were. With a smirk on my face I said, “My New Years resolution is to be a professional fighter.” And, after I was laughed out of the room I continued on with my day not knowing what I had just signed up for.

Yes, I recently joined Fight Club Miami and it’s one of the coolest gyms in this city. I signed up for two separate programs, one with my main man Steven who is my weight trainer, and the other with ‘Supreme Salim’ who is my boxing trainer. Over the past few weeks Steven has taught me the true meaning of soreness, and Salim may or may not have knocked me out a few times during our sessions.

So, why’d I sign up? I have no idea what I’m going to encounter on this adventure, but I do know being in better shape won’t hurt.

Thousands of Miles

This should be in the ‘Quote’ Section, but I really wanted to put the emphasis on it, so here we are! Lao Tzu basically said if you want to tackle a grand project just try accomplishing a little bit at a time and see what it naturally progresses to.

With that said — Lao Tzu was talking about a ‘project’ of 1 thousand miles … but, what about a project that of 30,000+?


These are some of our respective stops that we want to hit along the way.

We want to check out some of these hotspots as well as their surrounding areas, but we are always open to discussion. If there is somewhere else that you think we should check out — PLEASE let us know. We want to hear about it!