¡Lucha Libre!

Lucha Libre!! Many have heard of the legends of the Luchadores of Mexico. Huge jacked dudes (and women too!) in crazy colorful masks grabbing eachother and throwing eachother and flying around a ring. Some of these luchadors are thought of as symbols of justice and honor for the comman man of Mexico. I’m sure many of you have seen the movie “Nacho Libre,” which captures the culture and colorful nature of Lucha Libre. Minus Jack Black acting like a crazy person, Lucha Libre is pretty much exactly like that, and the OU crew got to experience it first hand.

Me llamo La Mariposa y mi hermano se llama El Rey Lagarto. Somos Luchadores.

Lucha Libre is HUGE in Mexico City. Mexicans love these fights, and now we do too. We were the only ‘tourists’ in an arena filled with locals. These events happen three times a week, and they are comprised of a bunch of fights between teams of Luchadors in a best out of three fashion. Colorful masks, high flying moves, and gymnastic performances are part of the over-the-top nature of these matches.


Each Luchador enters the arena surrounded by a slew of Bailadoras

El Luchador, “Electrico,” enters the arena

And they each have their opening crowd pumper-uppers.


I mentioned earlier “high-flying moves.”

I call this one “The Switcharoo.”


There was a match with all girls fighting as well. It got really intense.
Marcela and Dallys were bitter rivals…


All in all, Lucha Libre was one of the craziest and most fun events we have ever been to. If you’re ever down in the Mexico City area, make sure to check out the Arena Mexico to experience it! http://www.arenamexico.com.mx/