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China: Photo Highlights

These were some of the best moments we were able to capture while in China.


China’s “Showpiece”: Shanghai

In the last two decades this city has been one of the fastest developing cities in the world and for good reason. Shanghai is ranked as the city with the highest population in the world based on city proper. The population hovers over 24 million, about 3x New York City, and has a large international presence. It was not foreign to see people from three different continents sitting next to you while at a dinner singing Frank Sinatra.

The city is so large that it can appeal to anyone. If you like clubs, Shanghai has them. Are you a foodie? Good, because there is almost an infinite number of restaurants. The quiet type? Well, thankfully the city is littered with cafes and coffee shops which cater to the avid reader. Culture enthusiast? Even though it is a very modern city, Shanghai has plenty of historic sites to take advantage of. All work no play? Partake in the booming economy of mainland China’s financial hub. Whatever your interest, Shanghai caters to it.

All in all, Shanghai does not leave much to be desired.

Video: Flying High On The Great Wall

We did the Great Wall like no one has ever done before — check out the video, and let me know what you think. Onwards and Upwards!

Emperors of the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is one of the biggest hotspots of Beijing sightseeing, and we were lucky enough to visit it during a Chinese holiday, a.k.a the busiest Forbidden City day of the year with over 60,000 people walking through the gates.  The city was built around 600 years ago, and was used to house the ancient emperors of Chinese history, as well as their millions of concubines.  Not only do you get to see where the emperors lived, but you get to BE an emperor as well!  At one point during the tour, you get to be dressed up as ancient Chinese emperors and concubines, and, for some reason, I was dressed up as the lowly man-servant.  I was the only man-servant in all of the forbidden city with my little rat-tail hat, and I was left alone while the rest of the crew had everyone in China taking pictures with them.