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Moving Onwards

Living in eastern Europe has been an incredible experience. I have traveled to many places and have learned so much from my experiences abroad. As my days in Portugal come to a close, and I look to continue onwards; I thought it would be appropriate to commemorate all of the ‘Onwards’ photos we have taken thus far! Enjoy!

Moments in Madeira, Portugal

A day after arriving in Lisbon, Portugal, and Gesy tells me, “We are going to Madeira next week, I’ve already got your ticket.”

My thoughts at that exact second – 1) Wow, she bought my ticket… That’s really nice of her, and 2) Madeira, Portugal… Sounds cool, it must be a very close flight if it was just another place inside of the country.

Long story short. I had no idea where Madeira, Portugal was. In fact, when I was told it was an island I said, “ah that’s nice, it must be a little island off of the coast” … Wrong again. Madeira is an island just north of the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. It is actually closer to Africa than it is to Portugal! I had no idea that this place even existed.

After arriving in Madeira, I was blown away. Imagine a cross between the liveliness of Key West and the charm of Monaco. The island is beautiful. From the picturesque ocean views from everywhere in town to avenues littered with cafes, live music, and the occasional gypsy. Somehow it is able to capture the essence of ‘Europe’ and project it in the display of a single street… on an island… in the middle of no where.

My fascination with Madeira doesn’t just stop with this aesthetically appealing part, but is deeper rooted in the actual mechanics behind the economy itself. It is an island in solitude without any other land mass too close at all. The island is able to sustain itself within its little bubble while only having to import a fraction of what they consume, mainly consisting of cars and other technologies. After every amazing meal we had, I asked how it was possible to make such good food in such a remote destination, and the answer always was, “We make it all here on the island.” Incredible. The country of Portugal may be in a crisis, but I don’t think Madeira has caught word of that yet.

We were shown around Madeira by one of Gesy’s partners who made sure we got the most out of our stay. He showed us the best spots in town and treated us to a day out on his boat where we were able to see Madeira from a whole different angle.

After having been to such an incredible place (without even first knowing it existed on a map) I can now honestly vouch for this little speck off the coast of Africa as a destination most people would thoroughly enjoy. I will definitely be back.

Video: Flying High On The Great Wall

We did the Great Wall like no one has ever done before — check out the video, and let me know what you think. Onwards and Upwards!

Emperors of the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is one of the biggest hotspots of Beijing sightseeing, and we were lucky enough to visit it during a Chinese holiday, a.k.a the busiest Forbidden City day of the year with over 60,000 people walking through the gates.  The city was built around 600 years ago, and was used to house the ancient emperors of Chinese history, as well as their millions of concubines.  Not only do you get to see where the emperors lived, but you get to BE an emperor as well!  At one point during the tour, you get to be dressed up as ancient Chinese emperors and concubines, and, for some reason, I was dressed up as the lowly man-servant.  I was the only man-servant in all of the forbidden city with my little rat-tail hat, and I was left alone while the rest of the crew had everyone in China taking pictures with them.

Japan: Top Photos

Here are some of the most captivating images we were able to get while in Japan.

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