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noun \fəˈtägrəfē\ : the art or practice of taking and processing photographs

Pictures describe situations better than words ever could, right? So, this section of the site is dedicated to sharing those crazy moments in a more visual way. Let us know what you think!

Emperors of the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is one of the biggest hotspots of Beijing sightseeing, and we were lucky enough to visit it during a Chinese holiday, a.k.a the busiest Forbidden City day of the year with over 60,000 people walking through the gates.  The city was built around 600 years ago, and was used to house the ancient emperors of Chinese history, as well as their millions of concubines.  Not only do you get to see where the emperors lived, but you get to BE an emperor as well!  At one point during the tour, you get to be dressed up as ancient Chinese emperors and concubines, and, for some reason, I was dressed up as the lowly man-servant.  I was the only man-servant in all of the forbidden city with my little rat-tail hat, and I was left alone while the rest of the crew had everyone in China taking pictures with them.

Our Castle in the Sky

After having come from such an incredible trip throughout Japan, we landed in Seoul wondering if it would even compare. We had an idea of what was in store for us, but thought that Seoul was just going to be another item to scratch off of our bucket list. However, there was one thing that we did differently — we stayed at the W.

Upon our arrival we were escorted into a posh lobby with vibrant colors, beautiful people, funky music, and a great atmosphere. Followed by a week stay that was no less impressive. It seemed that the W staff was always ready to preempt our every request.

The first day of our stay I got to know my W family. I sat down with the resident W Insider, and we planned the majority of our trip in just one sitting. She was a fantastic asset while staying there, and my trip to Seoul would not have been half as enjoyable should it not have been for her. She was able to help me with everything from reservations at restaurants and nightclubs to site-seeing and shopping; she was able to facilitate it all without any hesitation.

Having followed the W Insider’s advice; we were very happy with what we were able to see while in Seoul. We explored through the bazaar-like area of Hongdae, went on a day trip to the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone), enjoyed numerous authentic Korean meals, experienced the lively parties at Woobar as well as other features of the W, and explored the different districts in Seoul to a level that we would not have been able to do on our own. Believe it or not, the recommended restaurants were not only unique culinary experiences, but they were actually economical as well! Not a very typical type of recommendation for a hotel concierge, but one that I appreciated because we were truly able to have some real Korean food.

The motto of the W is ‘Whatever, Whenever’, and we put that to the test one day when my girlfriend asked to plan an impromptu surprise birthday party. I did not think that it was going to be possible on such short notice, however within hours; our friends at the concierge were able to arrange an unforgettable experience for our birthday guest.

I came to Seoul without a single thing planned, and I would do it all over again without the blink of an eye. I can honestly thank the W for my entire trip there.

Japan: Top Photos

Here are some of the most captivating images we were able to get while in Japan.

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Introducing: OU-P2

We’ve had OU-P2 (aka Onwards and Upwards-Phantom 2) for a while now, and he has been an incredible addition to the team! He enables us to do some pretty awesome stuff that we would never be able to do otherwise.

Here are some of the practice runs that we have done so far, but nothing will compare to the stuff we will get in our soon to be ‘home’ of SE Asia!

Mexico City: Photo Highlights

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