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Castle in the Cove

After an 8-hour train ride through the jungles of Malaysia we were ready to hit our next stop on the trip, Singapore. Even though we heard Singapore was “just another big city” we were excited to check out this futuristic hub of the world.

The first thing I do when I plan a trip to a big city: see if there is a W Hotel around. And, the second thing I do, without question: book a room at that exact property. Sure enough when I booked our Singapore trip I was lucky enough to find that the W Singapore Sentosa Cove had just come online — and moments later I was already confirmed!

Upon our arrival to the W we were given a very warm welcome by the W team and were treated like royalty almost instantly. I don’t know what it is, but it just seems that the W brand “get’s me”. They always say all the right things, go the extra mile to make you happy, and when you think you know what to expect they come at you with a unique combination of personalities, added perks, and, most of all, world class service.

Checking into Sentosa Cove proved to be much more than checking into just another hotel. The W Insider team transformed our trip to Singapore into something that we hadn’t experienced yet in Asia. They not only helped us see Singapore as the locals do, but they even took us under their wings to adventure through the city with actual locals. They showed us Singapore’s fantastic nightlife scene from unforgettable restaurants and food to the best nightclub spots and, oh yeah, karaoke! I’m not a big karaoke fan, but let’s just say, I didn’t have a voice when we left Singapore.

To go along with such a personalized itinerary, the W was also able to satisfy my foodie alter-ego while I was still on the property. I was lucky enough to be able to sit down for lunch with some of the Digital Marketing Team, and not only were they very hospitable, but the chef came and joined us for lunch as well!

As the chef sat down at the table with us he showcased what his kitchen had to offer. I may be a bit jaded after such an extravagant lunch, but this was some of the best food I had all trip. We had an amazing selection of house specialties followed by some spectacular deserts and me rolling out of the restaurant. Remember those unexpected moments I spoke about earlier, well this was a very welcomed one! 🙂

To this point our stop in Singapore had been better than we ever expected, and it was about to get even better with the addition of the one and only. As she came to meet us at the W, prior to us relocating to the Marina Bay Sands, we had the insiders help us with planning a surprise for her arrival.

The Marina Bay Sands is thought to be one of the most prestigious places to stay in the world. With its one of a kind pools sitting atop its three towers looking over the city it is definitely a site to see, however, that is it. If you ask me, it is JUST a site to see like anything else. Go there, stay a night check out the pool, then go somewhere else, ahem, the W Sentosa Cova.

To sum it up, you pay an exorbitant amount of money to stay in the Marina Bay Sands to feel like you are just on an overcrowded cruise ship 24/7. The service, horrible, accommodations (for what you pay for), horrible as well. Literally the only thing of value here is the pool you can experience everything else the hotel has to offer by not staying there.

Fast forward 4 nights and a few thousand wasted dollars later — we checked straight back into the W for a night prior to heading over to Phuket, Thailand.

I went into this trip thinking that Singapore would be one of my favorite destinations, and sure enough it came out on top. I do not know if it was because the city itself necessarily out shined the other destinations we visited, or if it was just the memories we created while there, but I will absolutely 100% return and will not hesitate to stay in the W upon my return.