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Paradise in Phuket

When I first decided to go on this adventure throughout Asia I thought Thailand was going to be the location in which I spent the most time in… Well, the Thai government certainly wasn’t thinking the same thing. The day I was looking to book our trip to visit the infamous city of Bangkok was the same day that the Thai military decided to come out and claim Marshall Law. After reading about the updates going on in Thailand, I decided not to venture into a territory ridden with armed soldiers patrolling city streets with automatic weapons enforcing a curfew of 10pm, and instead ended up continuing the trip elsewhere.

Near the end of our time in Asia we were given the chance to spend a few days in Thailand prior to returning to the US, and we jumped on it instantly. One day, the military was still enforcing the curfew, and the next it was uplifted … followed shortly thereafter by our arrival in Phuket.

Upon getting to the land of elephants, beaches, and pad thai, we came with a mindset to get the most out of our last stop in Asia. We explored the beaches and pools to get a nice burnt tinge  on our skin prior to returning home, jungles on backs of elephants, and all of the tropical drinks a stomach can handle!